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Certified Financial Planner Services

Client First RIA’s certified financial planners are committed to helping you achieve your dream retirement lifestyle. At Client First Investment Management, we begin with the end in mind… In other words, the first thing we need to know is: How do you measure investment success? For some people that means growing their investments. For others, it means not running out of money. Many people aren’t sure – that’s OK. We help people define what investment success means to them.

After defining your investment goals, we’ll analyze your income and financial situation to customize a holistic plan designed to help you achieve your long-term retirement goals. We understand financial planning is a constantly changing process and will help you every step of the way. Our West Bend financial planners stay in contact with you frequently to ensure your retirement plan is working for you and we will make adjustments if necessary as the market changes. Please take a look through our investment advising process below to understand how Client First operates and what we can do for you.

Getting Acquainted

At our first meeting, our goal is getting to know you and understanding your investment needs and situation. Every client is different, and we want to make sure we can see the whole picture. We walk you through our process in detail and explain any questions you may have.

Sharing Information

We will ask you to bring in some financial information to your first meeting. Having current statements available for references just helps us understand you better. Taking this time to assess your situation means that later we can give you advice that meets your circumstances.

Financial “Stress Test”

Using information gathered at our first meeting, we put together an analysis that shows you where you are right now in terms of meeting your investment goals… we call it a “financial stress test”. Our clients tell us that they really like this step. For many people, it is the first time they have ever had an objective look at their long term savings plan.

Implement Advisor Recommendations

Then we assess your current situation to find ways to enhance it through different savings and investing strategies. This is where we really help people: finding practical ways that they can improve their situation and meet their idea of investment success.

Monitor & Review

Change happens. We understand that. It’s certainly true of life, not to mention financial markets. We continue to track and manage your accounts, keep you aware and informed of changes that can affect you, and help you make decisions along the way. We conduct reviews at least annually to make sure that you are getting closer to your goals. At Client First Investment Management, we care about our clients and it shows in our proactive approach to service. We make keeping in touch with our clients a priority.


We work as a single united team using our expertise in financial services to give our clients the highest quality advice possible.