How to Solve For Unexpected Life Events With Proper Auto and Home Insurance Planning

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Life Happens

Life happens. The unexpected happens more often than we want it to occur. It could be an inconvenience in your home such as a suds and water overflowing from your washing machine to a storm event causing major issues to repair. When you are out and about with your car it could be road debris chipping your paint job to a collision requiring days of repair. A long awaited rest and relaxation time turns into annoyance when our toys cause major frustration.

Whether it’s minor or major, it creates a financial strain.

Many assume everything is covered. Are all policies created equal? Unfortunately no.

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Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

It’s important to view your home objectively when obtaining homeowners insurance. You definitely DO NOT want to under-estimate anything, the consequences can be financially disastrous. Keep in mind a few important items. 1)What’s it cost to rebuild your home in today’s dollars? Not in the year you bought your home. 2) Storms, wind, and broad temperature fluctuations are common for our area. Structural damage can happen more often than we think. Maybe it’s just a window, but a damaged roof or frozen pipes can cost 20x-50x more. 3) Your home contents and valuables. Most of us think of the home and structure, but don’t forget what’s important to you that’s inside the home. Jewelry, furniture, paintings, appliances just to name a few. Suffering a loss is tough. Unable to replace your valuable is even worse. If you’re not sure if you’ve got the right coverage amounts (or just want a 2nd opinion), get the advice of an expert and Call Chris today.

Yikes! This one can sting. You’re in the market for a new (or newer) car. You’ve done your research, got your finances and credit in order, visited a couple of dealerships and taken some test drives. You’ve made your decision and you’re excited about it (and you should be)! Just remember, while you may have proof of insurance coverage to drive it off the lot, you’re “old” coverage doesn’t necessarily apply to your “new” car. Not everyone may have the correct level of coverage for their “new” (or newer) car or the correct types of coverage (e.g. comprehensive, collision and liability). These gaps can be expensive if anything unfortunate were to happen. If you’re unsure what type and amounts you need (or just want a 2nd opinion), get the advice of an expert and Call Chris today.

We all know what happens when we assume. The better move here is to have fun and make sure to check with an expert to protect you and your fun toys. You’ve worked hard and you want to play hard. That makes a lot of sense. But your toys are not automatically covered by your home or auto policy. They need their own policies and you need extra protection. If you don’t have that, then you’re not making any sense. Don’t overlook anything. If you’re unsure of what and how much you need, get the advice of an expert and Call Chris today.

What and how much is needed? Your auto, home and recreational insurance is a collection of different policies covering you in different ways. Minimum coverage isn’t necessarily all you should have. You’re on the hook for when costs exceed your limits. A good rule of thumb: make sure you’re covered 1-2x the total value of all of your assets. If you’re unsure what and how much you need (or just want a 2nd opinion), get the advice of an expert and Call Chris.

Here’s what we’ve discovered (and it’s a bit shocking); over the past few years may insurance rates have actually gone down. More types of insurance are available, more deductibles are now available, more options in coverage amounts are now available, more savings for meeting certain requirements are now available, and you can lower your premium with a broader coverage. If you haven’t checked out what’s available to you lately, you’re most likely leaving money on the table. If unsure what or how much you need (or just want a 2nd opinion), get the advice of an expert and Call Chris today.

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Client First Can Help

This is where Client First can help.

As a fiduciary for our clients, we believe true holistic planning is the only way to care for our clients’ financial health.

This is why we have access to auto and home and recreational insurance policy benefits as solid parts to build a strong holistic plan.

We provide independent access to best-in-class products, tools and expertise to individual clients in the five county area; Ozaukee, Washington, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, and Dodge counties.

You have your local resource who knows you and how best to support you backed by firms highly rated by BBB and AM Best. Auto and home insurance plays a key role in helping clients prepare financially for unexpected life events.

Life Happens. Be Prepared For It.

For a FREE policy review and comparison quote from your insurance expert, Call Chris today.

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5 Reasons To See If Your Rates Can Go Down

Over the past few years, many insurance rates have actually gone down.  Here are a few reasons to Call Chris to see if your rates can go down so you can pay less.

1. More types of insurance are available

You can get specific insurance covering just what you need – which provides a lower rate. Call Chris and check!

2. More deductibles are now available

Smart options in deductibles can save you plenty! Call Chris and he’ll show you when and where to save.

3. More options in coverage amounts are available

Get rid of excessive coverage and save even more.

4. Additional savings for clients meeting certain requirements

For example, if you’re a good driver, we have added bonus savings with our good driver rates. Call Chris and see!

5. You can lower your premium with a broader coverage

Everyone wants your business. When you place more insurance (car, home, life, business, toys) with us, your overall premium can go down. Please Call Chris to find out how much you can save!

Chris has made lots of friends – by saving people money. Here’s what he’d like to do for you: Simply Call Chris and let him review your policies. It’s FREE! Find out how much you can save this year … and every year.

While we can’t guarantee every client will save money, the chances are very good He’ll SAVE YOU MONEY – just as he has for our clients and friends. Please Call Chris at your convenience. This is where Chris and Client First can help.

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