How 3 Proprietary Financial Systems Work For You

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The Holistic Planning Process™

Client First is committed to holistic planning, strategically aligning a client’s financial, insurance, tax and legal goals and objectives through a well-coordinated holistic plan with the appropriately licensed experts. Client First has Certified Financial Planners to strategically plan and coordinate all the financial efforts.

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The Bucket Planning Process™

Enter the Bucket Plan ™ a 3 bucket approach to structure your assets to provide reliable income throughout their life and retirement. This includes “Now,” “Soon,” and “Later” buckets. It’s based on your individual time horizon, volatility tolerance, and income needs.

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The Adaptiv Investment Management System™ (AIM System)

In coordination with the Bucket Plan ™ and Holistic Planning ™ is the Adaptiv Investment Management System ™ a money management approach for identifying market leadership, risks, price, and designed to consistently participate in themes of strength.

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Let’s work together! When you work with Client First as your independent fiduciary advisor, you’ll see your entire financial picture in one place with one team.

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