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What The Future Holds

When you look at the future and what it holds, you may be inundated with so many options that leave you perplexed. These days, teenagers can build smartphone apps and websites while highly trained specialists struggle to understand the implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain. The challenge for everyone is how to plan for a future which they cannot predict! Your funds for endowments and foundations were started to be a part of the solution for the “greater good.” The key is how to implement and execute that mission on a consistent viable basis in an uncertain world. This is why CLIENT FIRST TAX & WEALTH ADVISORS is your anchor to manage your endowment and foundation investment funds. We are an independent fiduciary with our own created and trademarked Adaptiv Investment Management System.™ It’s proven in the marketplace and you won’t find it anywhere else.

Virtual Reality

Your Needs & Challenges

Healthy Endowment

If you’re an education enterprise, you can’t just keep raising tuition. Endowments relieve your dependence on tuition revenues. Additionally, strong endowments offer more scholarships and financial aid, which leads to better recruitment and retention of the most qualified students.

If you’re a foundation, you’re a leader in your community and working to make the world a better place. It’s great to have donor engagement, it’s even better to have the consistent funds to provide the grants that align with your core values to improve the world we live in.

Whether you’re an endowment or a foundation, your values and priorities should influence your organization’s decisions, rather than unfortunate external forces.

Tuition paying students

Trustworthy Managers & Advisors

Everybody means well. Doctors, lawyers and CPAs are legally required to act in the best interests of the people they serve. Did you know financial advisers get a free pass?!?! That’s right, there’s over 200 different designations for financial advisors. So do they really mean well?! Or maybe better stated, they’re good people working in a system that’s beyond their control. A system of enormous Wall Street Banks, Brokerage Houses and Affiliates, and Insurance Companies with tremendously seductive financial incentives. But did you know there are people in the financial services industry legal obligated to put your interests first at all times? They’re registered investment advisors (RIAs). No commissions or juiced up sales programs are accepted, only a fee paid by you for unbiased advice and counsel. We’re one of them. We’re an RIA. There’s not a lot of us. But we’re proud to be one. We’re independent. We’re a fiduciary. No more worrying about awkward conflicts of interest and hidden agendas.

Donor Benefits

Behind each donation is a personal motivation. For some is love and passion for the mission of the organization. For others, it’s to honor a loved one. And still for others, it’s to make a positive impact on society. Whether they want to receive recognition for it or keep it low-profile, your donors are motivated to ensure their passion exists in perpetuity. This is front and center in your mind as you engage the donor community and keep them apprised of your mission and vision. High on the list of your donor’s mind is how the fund is doing and how transparent are you in your activities. We can help you do that. We’re independent, we’re a fiduciary. We have an extra helping of legal and ethical obligation to help you do that.

Donor Benefits

Costs To Support Your Investment Funds

You want to make more distributions for scholarships and grants without the nagging thought of escalated direct and associated program costs. We want to help you do that as well. As a fiduciary, you’ll know everything associated with managing your investments. From us, it’s a simple as here’s our fee based on assets under management. That’s it. No more, no less. No commissions. No performance fees. No low balance fees. No short term trading fees.

Fund Expenditures & Distributions

You no doubt have a distribution and expenditure policy. It only makes sense. You want to safeguard the fund for future generations. The fund is as stable and enduring as possible. And make sure the wishes of the donor are honored. The key to all this is your spending strategy aligned with your absolute returns? This seems like common knowledge, but it’s not always common practice. Using an independent fiduciary with its own Adaptiv Investment Management System™ can help you put premise into practice.

Modern Portfolio Theory vs. Adaptiv Investment Management System™

Modern Portfolio Theory.

It’s a theory. You attempt to create an efficient portfolio for maximum return and minimum risk. You get diversification, you get assets not correlated to each other, and you get a passive “buy and hold” false sense of security. But don’t ever expect to beat the market. At best, an efficient portfolio under-performs its best asset holdings and outperforms its worst class holdings. Seems rather underwhelming. It’s like wanting a “C” average in school and just getting by. That’s not showing any initiative.

C Average

Adaptiv Investment Management System™

It’s a system proven in the marketplace. You get trend analysis (measuring the direction of movement). You get relative strength (measuring movement of magnitude) and filter it through the evaluation process of supply and demand, economic law. This adaptiv and active investment system provides focus in areas of concentrated expansion and down-side risk protection providing absolute returns. This asymmetric system enlarges and stabilizes the portfolio over longer time periods. It’s like an intellectual breakthrough guided by your favorite mentor who always has your back.

Adaptiv Investment Management System

Fiduciary Services Offering For Endowments & Foundations

  • Adaptiv Investment Management System™

  • Existing Portfolio Diagnostic Review

  • Asset Allocation Analysis

  • Investment Policy Statement Review & Development

  • Spending Policy Statement Review & Development

  • Investment Allocation Model Construction

  • Investment Allocation Model Cost Analysis

  • Performance Monitoring & Compliance

  • Fiduciary Government Calendar

  • Operational & Administrative Support

  • Strategic Guidance On Relevant Topics Of Interest

Fiduciary Services Offering

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They’re probably really good people. But they already subscribe to modern portfolio theory and the broker-dealer financial services arrangement. Both of these do not serve you well in the short-medium and long term. You want an independent fiduciary keeping your best interests first at all times and on all accounts. That’s us.

That’s sounds fine. And we do think we can help. We’ve got Wall Street capabilities with Main Street sensibilities. They want real life practitioners, not just book learning. We’re happy to work with your faculty and students using the Adaptiv Investment Management System™.

Maybe we don’t live in your community or we’re not alumni of your institution. But we’ll let our education pedigree (parochial high schools and private small colleges), our volunteer efforts (Board of Directors at a parochial high school, church council leadership, and youth league coaching) and our reputation in the marketplace speak for itself. In fact, we’re most likely the kind of people you want in your community and wish were alumni from your institution.

It’s pretty straight forward. As often as you want it. Typically, on going communication is by phone, email or in person as needed. Monthly statements are provided to you. And we expect in person strategy reviews and presentations at least once per year.

Sure thing. It takes trend analysis (measuring the direction of movement), relative strength (measuring movement of magnitude) and filters it through the evaluation process of supply and demand, economic law.

What it IS

  • A means for identifying market leadership
  • An adaptive, tactical risk management tool
  • Based upon objective inputs (i.e. price, supply and demand)
  • Designed to find and participate in themes of strength

What it IS NOT

  • A market forecasting “black box”
  • A static indexing strategy
  • Reliant upon subjective inputs (i.e. gut feel or manipulated valuations)
  • Designed to target exact tops or bottoms in securities

Discover & Explore

IF you want want to discover and explore what it’s like to have an independent fiduciary looking out for you at all times, request your initial consultation to learn how our fiduciary team and our Adaptiv Investment Management System™ is able to help you and your endowment and foundation investment funds.

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Our Core Values

We love our clients. We are fully committed to their financial well being.

We are fiduciaries for our clients and believe true holistic planning is the only way to care for our clients’ financial health.

We continually strive to be aware of opportunities to serve our clients better.

We expect and foster a culture of learning, performance, and exceeding expectations.

We are a family of families and recognize the fullness of life beyond the office.


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