Local First-Grader, Business Taking Steps to Help Those in Need

Local First-Grader, Business Taking Steps to Help Those in Need

Client First Investment Management, based in West Bend, is organizing a local collection to donate shoes to Soles 4 Souls. The effort inspired a staff member’s daughter to collect shoes instead of gifts for her birthday in order to contribute to the drive.

A local first grader is using her birthday as an opportunity to give back through a local business’ drive to benefit Soles 4 Souls, a charity organization that collects new and used shoes to help fight poverty.

Good Shepherd student Mychaela Krueger asked for shoe donations instead of presents for her birthday this year to contribute to the drive.

Krueger’s father, Justin, is an advisor at Client First Investment Management, 215 N. Main St., Suite 206, West Bend. His firm is a leading force in organizing the local collection to donate to Soles 4 Souls.

“Our company believes it’s important to pay it forward, and we try to find unique ways to contribute on a regular basis,” Client First President Mike Sheehy said. “The Soles 4 Souls drive is a great way for us to get involved, but also invite our clients, employees and their family members to take part.”

Soles 4 Souls was founded in 2006 and is a global, nonprofit organization. Soles 4 Souls works with other private and nonprofit companies to provide shipping, financing, inventory, training and other support to ultra-small businesses in countries where there are virtually no jobs, therefore helping to create jobs and revenues throughout those communities, according to its website.

Client First Investment Management will continue collecting shoes through April 15. The business has a box for the shoes located in its lobby area, on the second floor of the 215 N Main Street building formerly known as the Ziegler building in downtown West Bend.

Client First Investment Management is a locally owned and operated firm that offers retirement income planning and retirement account management services. To learn more about the ways Client First Investment Management can help, individuals can visit www.clientfirstria.com, Facebook.com/Clientfirstria or call 262-335-1700.

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