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Fall is rapidly approaching in Wisconsin! As the weather begins to cool off and leaves change in hue, it’s hard to not be reminded of a true American pastime that coincides with this season:

Football is back! Huzzah!

Our favorite college and professional teams are returning to the gridiron, each with a unique storyline for their season. Perhaps they are defending a recent title or looking to bounce back from a sub-par year. Maybe they hired a new coach or coordinator and are anxiously anticipating the results. Whatever the case, each team is focused on the end goal of hoisting the championship trophy come January-February, 2023. The path to reach the title, however, is not as clear-cut. 

Teams must learn to overcome obstacles that present themselves during the season: internal conflict, a difficult rivalry game, hostile environments during away games, major injuries. Each trial becomes a learning and growth opportunity that strengthens championship mettle.

In order to meet these challenges head-on, coaches need to install a sound gameplan with their players. A thorough playbook is essential to hurdling championship-level challenges. 

The September Lunch & Learn event features our TrueHolistic Financial Planning team (read as “coaches”) installing your gameplan in response to recent political decisions. Specifically, the team addresses:

  • The Inflation Reduction Act, which institutes changes that cover the field like defensive backs in a zone scheme
  • Student Loan Forgiveness, with respect to the various yet important outcomes yielded by special teams plays; and
  • Education Funding and Planning, and how parents of college students can dissect and attack their options like a quarterback

Click on the video above to check out this month's Lunch & Learn event! All relevant links referenced in the presentation can be found below.

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