Dear Friend,

The stock market just recorded the fastest -30% correction in history.

By using the Adaptiv System to pre-identify when and where the risk of further downside increases, our clients were able to side-step the majority of this pandemic panic. During mid-to-late February, we were taking aggressive action to protect client accounts.

While many didn’t think such a historical correction could take place for one fundamental reason or another, our Adaptiv Investment Management System was able to identify an important change in trend, which allowed our clients to appreciate protected retirement accounts and muted drawdowns.

Many investors were caught in the storm of selling that brought the worst quarter to Wall Street since 1929.

But not ours. Our clients had the benefit of being Adaptiv.

While the market has rebounded the past few weeks, the hard truth is we don’t know if the correction is over. The bottom could already be in or it could be months or even years from now. No one knows.

So what’s your gameplan for the remainder of this year and the years ahead? Is your portfolio ready for a prolonged bear market? Is it nimble enough to capture rising prices after a bottom has been established? Will you follow the financial news or use market data to make investment decisions?

This is America. We have choices.

As market participants, we need to cut through the noise. It’s why we use the Adaptiv System for our clients. It helps us identify trends and relative strength across 30,000 different investable assets.

We are privileged to help our clients gameplan for ever-changing markets regardless of pandemics, panics, or popular media stories of today.

Since we’re unable to meet in person due to the Safer-at-Home order, here's important Market Insights educational video that answers the following questions:

  1. Is the COVID correction over or is an even bigger downturn in the works?
  2. How do we use the Adaptiv System to gameplan for different environments, including corrective markets?
  3. What is the major (math) problem with buy and hold investing?
  4. Are bonds a safe asset to own during major corrections?
  5. What other risks to retirement accounts are on the horizon?

It is my privilege to provide answers to these important questions.

Feel free to join us in the future at our LIVE events (when Safer at Home expires) and bring a friend. We're big on financial education.

For now, enjoy this financial education VIDEO on the latest market data and insights with our Adaptiv Investment Management System.

Helping you navigate the markets,

David Zarling, CMT®
Partner, Head of Investment Strategy & Research