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Here is the video of our latest education on identity theft and information security.

As a reminder, here are some quick hitting recent identity theft facts:

  • Around 1 in 15 people become victims of identity fraud 
    • (some more than once through no fault of their own)
  • Over 1,000,000 children become victims of identity crimes each year
  • Senior Citizens suffered the highest median loss out of all fraud cases
  • People aged 30-39 are more likely to be targeted for identity theft
  • Identity theft topped the list of consumer protection crimes reported to the Federal Trade Commission, closely followed by imposter scams

The better you understand identity theft and consumer privacy, the more equipped you are to protect yourself.

Here's what we are going to cover in this video:
1) Who Are The Hackers and What Tactics Are Their Favorite
2) How Hackers Are Using COVID-19 To Find New Victims (and Re-Victims)
3) How To Identify And Prevent Elderly Financial Abuse When It Comes To Personal Information
4) How Worried Should You Be About Home Title Theft
5) Your Identity and Privacy Security Toolkit (Includes Bonus Tools)

Feel free to share this important video education with your friends and family. 

We do these videos to help you keep your information safe. We show you in this video how to minimize your risk, monitor your financial health and manage the damage when you are compromised.

We help you secure the financial confidence your deserve.

Giving you tools to combat fraud and protect yourself,

Paul Zarling

Paul Zarling Managing Partner

P.S. Here are the links for the tools mentioned in the video.

  1. UPDATED Tool Kit | Identity Security_Consumer Privacy_Tools III_FEB 2021.pptx
  2. UPDATED Self Assessment | 2021_Identity Theft Risk Assessment Quiz
  3. UPDATED Vocabulary | Identity Theft Glossary_2021