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Six 2015 Retirement Tax Rules You Must Know

Six 2015 Retirement Tax Rules You Must Know Once-per-year IRA rollover rules. The tax court ruled in the Bobrow case (January 28, 2014) that the once-per-year IRA rollover limit applies to ALL of a person’s IRAs and not to each IRA separately, as was the case in the past. IRS Announcement 2014-32 (effective January 1, [...]

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Who Will Retire First: Staggered Retirements Work for Couples

Couples should consider issues such as IRA withdrawals, Social Security payments, and health care costs when planning out retirement dates, and staggering your retirements may benefit you financially — here's how. By Peter McDougall In this age of dual-income families, chances are you and your spouse won't retire at the same time. You may be [...]

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